Suzanne Pfister in front of Aspen’s airport traffic control tower.

Suzanne Pfister in front of Aspen’s airport traffic control tower.


Snowmass Sun, December 2018

Betty Haas Pfister may have had her head in the clouds, but her view from above helped inspire the dreams she realized during her time on Earth. An innovative aviator, Betty and her legacy are deeply embedded into the foundation of Aspen's flight operations.

Today, her daughter, Suzanne Pfister, is resurrecting Betty's spirit. (view full article)


The Aspen Times, 2013

The Aspen resident and flying enthusiast, Betty Pfister, was placed on the 100 Most Influential Women in the history of aviation by Women in Aviation International in late March. (read more)

Aspen pioneer pilots honored for WWII service

The Aspen Times, 2010

Two Aspen octogenarians, Ruth Brown and Betty Pfister, are among the corps of pioneering female pilots whose country has finally recognized their contribution to both military service and aviation history. (read more)

aspen women receive congressional medals

Aspen Daily News, 2009

President Barack Obama bestowed the nation’s highest civilian honor on the courageous and long overlooked Women Airforce Service Pilots...(read more)


The Aspen Times, 1991

After serving 23 years with the air rescue group that she formed back in 1968, Betty Pfister is calling it quits. (read more)

aspen aviatrix

The Denver Post, 1994

The sky’s not the limit for Betty Haas Pfister. For her, it’s the beginning…(read more)

establishing festival’s decade of growth

The Snowmass Sun, 1986

Betty Pfister has watched the Snowmass Balloon Festival grow for the past 11 years. She organized the first balloon festival in 1976…(read more)

Ballooning to benefit rescue groups

The Snowmass Sun, 1986

Along with providing a colorful weekend and a challenge to pilots, the Snowmass Balloon Festival serves another greater purpose—helping to fund two local groups…(read more)

Pfister honored by aviation group

The Aspen Times, 1984

Betty Pfister was inducted into the Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame during ceremonies at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. (read more)

Betty Pfister and County Air Rescue

The Aspen Times, 1980s

Betty Pfister is one of eight members of the Pitkin County Air Rescue group which she founded in 1968…(read more)

Aspenite flies in balloon over alps

The Aspen Times, 1976

Betty Pfister, an airplane and helicopter pilot for many years, is now beginning a love affair with balloons…(read more)


The Aspen Journal, 1975

Betty succeeded in dousing herself with champagne and pulling off her helmet, said, “It was great. I’ve always wanted to go ballooning.” (read more)

Pitch In, Ditch-in

The Aspen Times, 1971

Due to the efforts of county Air Rescue group chairman Betty Pfister, and many others, the Aspen Valley Hospital’s heliport became a bit safer. (read more)

Hospital gets heliport

The Aspen Times, 1967

Under the direction of Betty Pfister, the Aspen Valley Hospital has installed a new heliport…(read more)

Guy with an interesting photo job

Popular Photography, 1975

“Ready for the wild blue yonder are these six pretty fledglings of Pan American Airways.” (read more)

Aspen’s Flying Horsewoman

The Sunday Denver Post, 1964

Helicopters and horses mix in the interesting life of Aspenite Betty Pfister…(read more)

Powder puff air queen

New York Herald Tribune, 1951

Betty Haas, from N.Y. wins Women’s “Powder Puff” Derby…(read more)

“barbary belle” is ready to race

The Clipper, 1951

Pilot Betty Haas, a former W.A.S.P. and experienced pilot is one of the top entrants in the field of 50 women pilots. (read more)

Sahara Jaunt lifts bored air hostess out of rut

New York World Telegram, 1950

Adventure should not be a For Men Only commodity. Now comes the biggest adventure of all…(read more)

Powder Puff derby ends

The Palm Beach Post, 1950

Betty Haas won the “Powder Puff” Derby today with an elapsed time of 10 hours, 43 minutes and 42 seconds for the 1,500 mile flight from Montreal…(read more)

victor in powder puff derby

Sunday News, 1950

Happy—and not hard to look at—is Betty Haas, Scarsdale N.Y. pilot as she comes in winner of the derby…(read more)

Betty didn’t know she’s copped title

The Daily Advance, 1950

“I was the most surprised person in the world”, said Betty Haas after winning the All Woman’s Air Maneuvers Inc race…(read more)

“powder puff” pilots land here in race to boston

The Reading Times, 1950

Betty Haas was the first woman pilot ion the “Powder Puff Derby” to land at the municipal airport…(read more)

canadian entry second in petticoat air race

Canadian Aviation, 1950

Buzzing over the finish line was the big thrill of the fourth All Women’s International Air Race. (read more)

Air maneuvers


Officials of the All Women’s Air Maneuvers, congratulate Betty Haas who copped the $600 prize for placing first…(read more)

Two bettys, two navions share air race honors


Betty has been a pilot since 1928. She did instruction and charter flying, but with the coming of war was the first pilot to sign up for the W.A.S.P. (read more)

Woman Pilot leads field across U.S.

New York, 1948

The air is the place for Betty Haas of Scarsdale N.Y. Her vocation is airline hostess…(read more)

Woman aces race to miami

Daily Mirror, 1948

There goes “Galloping Gertie”, with pilot Betty Haas giving plenty of gun to her speedy Aircobra…(read more)

She’s always up in the air

The New York Sun, 1948

Betty Haas manages to be up in the air most of the time. When she isn’t flying for Pan American Airways, she’s piloting her own private plane, “Galloping Gertie”. (read more)

How they started

Junior Bazaar, 1947

Betty Haas is now one of the small group of women in this country who hold a multi-engine pilot’s rating. (read more)

Scarsdale girl has “air record” of eight years

The Scarsdale Inquirer, 1946

Betty uses her leisure between trans-Atlantic flights to shine up “Galloping Gertie”. (read more)

Betty Haas joins civil air patrol

Hobbs Army Air Field, 1944

Betty Haas, flying veteran of WWII and flight stewardess, became a member of the Civil Air Patrol. (read more)

New Scarsdale WASP

The Scarsdale Inquirer, 1943

Miss Betty Haas received her wings at Avenger Field and is to be stationed at an air base at Wilmington, Delaware. (read more)